Blog Associazione Atopos

Blog Associazione Atopos

sabato 17 aprile 2010


They come from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. 5 guest artists for Balkans in Ankon, NEWBALKANIK happening on ‘atopia’ – being foreigner among foreigners.

April 17-26 is the time for Ancona, Marche region, Italy, in order to realise how much closer is Croatia than Rome even!
Blerta Kambo, Drazen Grujic, Mitko Gogov, Laurentiu Stoica and Milica Milosevic, all under 29 artists, will be guests of Atopos Association featuring: Galleria 400mq, Istituto d’Arte Mannucci, Culture branch of Ancona’s municipality, theatre collective Un ponte tra Culture, Paper Experience and design centre Poliarte. The opening of a collective exhibition of the 5 artists will mark the beginning of a creative week striving to give a new idea of the Balkans and of the difficulties of traveling around, even among neighbours on a common sea. The idea of exhibition is showing how the theme of 'foreigneness' affects local communities as well as artists. The 5 guest artists will in fact deal with people in town during performances, workshops and seminars, in order to show the creative face of integration.
Main appointments will be: What is Atopos? A secret urban blitz carried along the very centre of town..
And, april 18th, a crossreading on contemporary balkanik literature in original language. Each of the artists plus the audience will be reading bits of literature from their own cultures, so as to make local italians realise what these language sound like.
Art in abandoned or daily places, photos and reportage on the invisible foreigners that make our cities look more cosmopolitan, a work in progress videos and online documentation which represent the task of Atopos – THE HOME WHERE WE ARE GUESTS.

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